The Source

Mikk and Deveron were ravaged by the Lost. As they were driven south, Scorched Earth was their retribution, leaving fields, cities — everything — wrecked cinders of what once stood. After the Southern Army had completed their objective and retreated from Prktakk the Mikken scattered to their blackened lands. Where once there had been disparate tribes and villages, each with their own specialization and identity, now there were people rejoining for the first time since the war began, with new bonds and friendships and nothing distinct to return to, but returning with a singular cultural truth: they had defeated evil.

They came together to reclaim their lands from the blackness that had been left, and worked tirelessly under the the lead of Ian Page who had been the company commander who would not head north with the rest of Merla Underfoot‘s army. He had seen the need of his people and provided the wherewithal to lead them home. And it would be a home once more, borne from the ashes as if it were a phoenix. He called for them to turn to the gods and Kai’ckul herself — the central deity of life and rebirth — for strength and thanks for being saved. And they set to work.

As soon as granite began to leave the quarries of the east, they were dragged leagues to the ruins of Deveron and the grey stone became the basis for the capitol reborn, and the seminal building was The Source. Without election or disagreement, Page had became the defacto leader of the Mikken people and with divine purpose guided the builders to erect a majestic building which would be the heart and soul of of their nation.

A seven-pointed star and home to the Reverend-King of Mikk and the seven main deities of Kai’ckul. Each arm houses a singular faith, and the R.K. alternates throughout the day between services at each and the Glittering Pool, which sits center and awash in sun or moonlight cascading in from the skylights every seven feet from above each place of worship up the roof to the multi-colored glasswork window dome where all points align.

The building is massive, an impressive weight and anchor to the city, rising up high above the skyline like a manmade mountain reaching for the heavens. While construction was completed generations ago, Mikkens still claim that it is taller than any other building in Kai’ckul. Within is not only the home to now-Reverend-King Jo Barada and his attendants and the highest stations of faithful devotion, but the lower floors house the training program for the attendants and future potential R.K.’s.

The Source

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