A Dream of Kai'ckul

Entry 31

27th Day of the Reed, Year of the Crown

Looking back, it is a remarkable fact that we are alive — indeed, better than ever. The legendary Indahammer within our grasp, waiting to play a role in this next chapter of history, and at that it is difficult to imagine that these days are not merely the legends of future ages.

We did not perish after the first foray into these halls, moreover it seems we have learned to adapt to even these harsh circumstances; it is a challenge not to feel invincible under such circumstances.

It remains to be reunited with Orieth. Rarely since her first summoning have we been apart this long. It puts to mind the severing of a limb. I long for the nearness of her counsel; simply feeling her presence in my mind is a source of confidence I lack when she is so far. I call to her in my mind out of habit, but she does not answer, she does not hear, she does not exist for all I can tell. Healing that, among other things, will be a great comfort when we rise once again from this forgotten tomb to life and greenery and Kai’ckul. I yearn for it. It calls to me.

I come, Kai’ckul.


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