First Kingdom of Men, founded by the eminent foresight, wisdom, and strength of arms of Lothar Greatworth. At a time when war forced Men to band together in mobile tribes, both out of simple survival, and a greater ability to garner riches, Greatworth had convinced his people to settle. With impressive battle prowess, Worthen — then named Frior — earned itself a respite and the time needed to build. Soon, other Men, eager for a chance to stop wandering or simply for someone strong to guide them, settled further and further south under his aegis. Thus, Worthend began.

Once the apex, it seems to be at or nearing its nadir, as its import, strength, and wealth have continued to abate as Kai’ckul has become domesticated. Similarly, Enders — as those from Worthend are known — have become domesticated, or lost their edge with how easy things became after the war was won. Now, they seek that edge again.

Centrally located, it was once a booming economy and built incredible roads that snake across Kai’ckul’s civilized realm to this day. Everything received its stamp, proving its ‘worth’ before it ever was sold in some far off place. Towers, rather than castles, scatter throughout the large region less for defense and more oversight for trade that once was. Also remaining from the time of wealth, power and trade are the barnacles of crime and other seedy elements that walk hand in hand with traveling and monied persons.

Now, Worthend relies on what wealth it can claim through the infrastructure of before: land bound — and thus usually less well off — travelers; pleasure seekers; or artisans who learn their trade here more than anywhere else. Industry is alive, but at a small margin of profit, due to the lack of national resources. To the east are swampland which abut the Indahar Mountain Range, to the north are the hallowed and fallow Siegelands, to the west is the Greenbirth — similarly off-limits — and to the south used to offer vineyards, but the realm of Mikk has slowly annexed them piece by piece and now only the weakest vineyards remain, and the least desirable lands.

Once thriving off of its location, Worthend seems now be at the mercy of its borders, surrounded. Yet, it’s bonds with the Elves to the north keep wolves at bay, and no one is willing to risk both the Wardens and Trailblazers, whose sole proprietor is the once glorious Worthend. And without the Enders, who would maintain and revitalize the Greenbirth?


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