The Codification

The Lost were finally defeated within the holds of the Indahar Mountain Range. The remaining leaders of the Alliance — for Cep Indahar fell retaking his ancestral holdfast — reunited at Oakenfell to return to the task of delineating the world that would be.

At first, the conversation centered on remuneration and long-standing grievances between the people who had banded together — briefly — to eradicate a greater threat. Despite Lothar Greatworth and Perius’ attempts to guide the conversation to the greater cause, days were lost as the leaders sought to exact their pound of flesh from their former brethren. Most visceral was the concern about their defeated enemies: what if they were not truly eradicated? What if the Lost returned?

It was with that thread that Greatworth and Elves refocused the conversation and gave their own pound of flesh to placate the enraged Dwarves and disparate tribes of Men. A group of protectors would be established, beyond the purview of any single nation, and tasked with shielding all of civilization from incursions internal and external. This group would be known as the Wardens and the first cadre would be trained by and drawn from the already weakened populations of Elves and Enders.

Though the sacrifice quieted a few voices, the Indahar Dwarves by and large would not return to their ancestral holds. Nor would the Western Holds accept the refugees and distant brothers. The population of Indahar Clans would need new homes. The Hammerdal Mountains would be too inhospitable, and the road to the Indahar Mountains south of Prktakk would cost far too many lives, if it were possible at all. Again, the Elves sacrificed to move onto the greater concern. The hilly lands of Nathrach, west of Culdonia and home to most of the Low Elves, would be vacated and given to the displaced Dwarves. Though it was not exactly what they desired, the Ancient Clans saw no way to continue the argument.

Finally, the remaining minor disputes gave way to the discussion of how the peoples would forge their way forward into this new, civilized age. Tribal patterns would be abandoned by and large, and Kingdoms would be established, giving guidance, protection, and governance. Mikk — absent from The Codification — had already begun unifying and building under the guidance of Ian Page. The Elves had long traditions of civilization under the guidance of their High Elf Council. Dwarves were used to sedentary life and the protection of holdfasts and familiar with meetings of Triaths, so it was a small step towards a more centralized governance system — though would not unify under a singular leadership and preferred to retain separate leadership for the three separate existences. It was Men, unsurprisingly, who were the most reticent and the most used to tribal life. The Sussenians required a ‘war of unification’ which occurred in short order after the conclusion of The Codification. And Worthend came together after long discussions, wranglings for power, but ultimately succumbed to the respect and power of Lothar Greatworth.

The Codified lands would send their leaders yearly to The Council of the Code at Oakenfell to settle disputes, discuss international relations, and maintain civility between all peoples.

The Codification

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