The Circle

The Circle
The Circle is known the world over as an utterly exclusive society of wizards, the worldwide center of magical knowledge, and the only place in the world to learn magic from such masters. Formal students of wizardry (known as aspirants) are taken by invitation only, though many more are permitted to stay and learn the non-magical arts of fine Elven crafting and philosophy (these non-magical students are known as apprentices).

In the days of Perius Kin-Commander, as the tide was finally shifting in the Lost Wars, a young prophet of the Elendil named Finrodel was given the blessing of Perius to return to Fey Culdonia and found a society of the finest wizards of all the land, and he called this society the Circle. This society would serve as a special force, which the civilized races of the world could call upon as needed, but also as a repository for knowledge and a school of magic for those the society deemed worthy.

Over time, once it began to seem ever more apparent that the Lost had been eradicated, the focus of the Circle became more and more focused on the gathering of knowledge, as they were no longer needed in the fight against the Lost, as the Lost were no more.

Telcari: the Ringbearers
Wizards that are granted coveted member status within the Circle are known as Ringbearers (Telcari in the Elvish; singular = Telcar), for each is given to bear one of the Vardaril, legendary golden rings that mark those of their order. None but the Telcari know their reasons or method for selecting new members. There are currently just fourteen living Ringbearers in total. Each has a title that represents his or her focus, but these do not appear to be static positions that must be held; rather, the titles seem to be created fresh for each new Telcar inducted.
The Telcari are overwhelmingly Elendil, or High Elves, more than any other race. Most are ancient, and several have lived since before the Lost Wars, making them some of the oldest beings still known alive in the world. Ancient Finrodel, founder of the Circle, received his blessing from Perius himself, and still lives to this day.
The Ringbearers teach aspirants and hold meetings within the Tower Perian in Oakenfell, and many even live within the tower itself.

Current and Recent Ringbearers
Finrodel, The Prophet Founder of the Order
Melitherien, The Watcher Partner to the Prophet, and Watcher of the Flame
The Mysteriarch Eldest of the order, none now live who remember the name or sex of this Elf, for so many skins does the Mysteriarch wear
Maegwir, The Summoner Friend to those not of this world
Galgaroth, The Undying Sole Man in the Order, For no Elf would dabble in the forces of un-death — though his motives have seemed purely that of longevity and unsurpassed knowledge thus far
Linderion, The Lord of Twilight Whose tools are the very shadows
Zandazar, The Mirrormaster Sole Gnome in the Order, Master of light and image, of crystals and mirrors and lenses; an arrogant trickster
Tiriel, The Enchantress Sole Low Elf in the Order, Both great and terrible is her beauty
Calentir, The Wyrm-son Master of magic and heir of the forebears
Antenor, The Alchemist Master of matter
Eraneth, The Frostguard Chill guardian of ice
Faenglor, The Flamelord Hot-headed warrior of flames
Valindel, The Stormwarden Steady soldier of wind, thunder and lightning
Finoriel, The Artificer Daughter of Finrodel and Melitherien, and foremost in the crafting of fine goods
Eldorin, The Untested Least of the order and most newly raised to the Circle, just decades ago

The Circle

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