Scorched Reaches

South of Prktakk, north of Netton-on-the-Sea and within a ring of failed, burned settlements along the coastline of the southern continent, lies the entirety of the Scorched Reaches — domain of the Wild Men. Little is known about the continent, and rare is the Trailblazer willing to venture south.

Over time, trade passing around the Southern Continent has brought unfortunate travelers to attempt to stake a claim to the choicer parts of the coast, but with the exception of Nett’s success, they have all met with calamity and zero survivors. These fallen cities would remain as reminders and warning to future generations, but most were established solely with wood. Along the eastern coastline, as the trade vessels head north for Terminus and the “Fear-East,” the Indahar Mountain Range continues to the base of the continent.

Within the edges of coast, the little that is known — as even Netters don’t leave their enviable walls — is of swirling sands, baked and cracked saltflats to the south, and dry yellow grasslands and overgrown briars to the north. It is no wonder that few even have the desire to make a try at the lands of roving, brutal slavers and unforgiving terrain. Though there are legends of the heart of the Reaches that speak of myriad glories. Kingdom of the Wild Men. Horde of Wild Men’s Ill-Gotten Gains. Verdant Fields, teeming with exotic and rich life. But most oft: Home of Our Draconic Fathers.

The Reaches remain a mystery, with the gatekeepers a barbaric people who hold a burning hatred for northerners. So, we rely on the stories of our past, where in the Age of Fathers, their warring burned the Southern Continent with their fiery breath to the point that little could survive, ruining the eden that once was and hurting our mother, Kai’ckul.

Scorched Reaches

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