Here lies a treatise on the powers and nations which currently are recognized by the Council of the Code:

West Kai’ckul
West of the Indahar Mountain Range, south of the Soundless Brink and north of the Scorched Reaches lie the following domains:

Furthest north of kingdoms, under the leadership of Mikel Pallin and wielding the Pale Souls for cohesion, military might, and economic gain. A kingdom of men, which ranges down from the Hammerdal Mountains into the Niktan Valley, which lies between the Dwarves of the Western Holds and the Hill Clans of Nathrach.
Beyond the occasional upheaval and intra-family conflicts within the confederation of Sussenia, tensions remain heightened but have not resulted in conflicts between any of their neighbors for generations — though the proximity to the power of Clan Oezter and the Sirius Stalagmite remains the most likely location for external conflict.

Western Holds
Lying along the Raniar Mountain Range on the western coast of the civilized continent lie numerous and isolationist clans of Dwarves in these northern regions. Led by the economic power of Triath Sharzad Oezter and An Dun, these Dwarves of Mountain holdfasts have remained there since their original migration at the dawn of recorded history.
While some in-fighting between Clans occasionally occurs, it’s often over slights and slander, rather than strategic or other concerns. They have retained their ancient holds and names for generations upon generations. Even their close neighbors to the west on The Bight, with the economic and strategic location, have not earned any forays through the years.

Hill Clans
Descendents from the Dwarves of legend from the Indahar Mountain Range, these people were resettled on a land once controlled by the Elves — Nathrach. The youngest of domains, they are very insular, but position all of their sparse military concerns northward, towards the Niktan Valley.
Led ostensibly by Kennedy Hector Dubbin, they enjoy their borders between the peace of Culdonia to the east, and the Protectorate of Greenbirth to the west. The border south with Worthend has remained quiet and ungarrisoned by either domain since its inception.

Enclave of Elves
Also known as Fey Culdonia, the large forest that spans from the southern border of Sussenia east to the Indahar Mountain Range and west to the hills of Nathrach and south to the Siegelands and Worthend is home to the entirety of the Elvish nation.
Ruled by a High Council from Oakenfell, their political issues are hashed out over meetings of the Council of the Code yearly and concern less their neighbors and more the goings on of other nations, such as the conflicts between Mikk and Worthend, or the incursions by the Wild Men from the southern continent, or trading issues and piracy on the open seas.

An entirely landlocked nation of “Men” — though the most diverse nation on Kai’ckul. It was once known for its great land-based commerce and prestigious roads — which still exist and provide some of the main veins in the civilized continent — lies between the Indahar Mountain Range to the east, Siegelands and Culdonia to the north, the Greenbirth Protectorate to the west and Mikk to the south.
Ruled by the aging King Piter Greatworth, the kingdom has seen brighter times. Border disputes and annexations by Mikk have occurred generation after generation. Internal conflict is rampant over maintaining both Wardens and Trailblazers as well as the rebuilding and improvement over their only potential link to the sea: the Greenbirth Protectorate. Recently, there has been political machinations as people fear Greatworth will pass without an heir.

Ancient Holds
A fragmented shadow of former greatness, four Dwarven Clans remain in their ancestral holdfasts in the Indahar Mountain Range. Led by the economic chokepoint at An Dun by Triath Melchior Adran, the remaining clans exist at the southern extent of the continent, near Prktakk.
Contention between nations and these Ancient Holds is non-existent, owing to their long entrenchment utilizing long-ago generations of wealth of gold and gems, which flowed from the central — and now empty — holdfasts and clans. Yet, as an entity, these Clans are the most disparate and only the power of the Adran Clan holds the community of the southern three Clans within its aegis. Other issues exist between An Dun and other nations — especially Tumbledown to the east — due to its near monopoly on east-west routes, but nothing has yet been able to change the status quo.

Furthest south and largest of all kingdoms, it controls much seaward trade from Tyun, but also is the religious seat of the world at its capitol of Deveron. From there, the Reverend-King Jo Barada leads the faithful and his kingdom. The land is rich with agriculture and vegetal resources.
Conflict is as ripe in Mikk as its produce: it claims fertile lands from the belly of Worthend in a process that has become almost a status quo over generations; it vies for control of the seas economically against pirates and the Dwarves of An Dun while long ago wrested economic might from the land powerhouse of Worthend; despite the distance, Sussenia and Mikk operate in a strange manner, as Mikk purchases Pale Souls in one breath to shore up its defenses but in the next attempts to dominate the herding and husbanding practices of its Senian rivals; and finally — and most violently — Mikk suffers from constant raids, invasions and incursions from the bands of Wild Men from the Southern Continent. Today, there is a strong movement in the nation pushing for a fortification to be built north of the Bloody Neck and Prktakk to defend the kingdom forever.

Dragon’s Pebbles
Five hundred years ago, a new race was discovered: Gnomes. Today, they still retain exclusive control to their archipelago within the gulf that is the Father’s Footprint. An insular society, they maintain trade limited to the basest of necessities and forgo much of the political infighting of most domains in the civilized realms. At their head is Sage Balabar Mocklaw, who is present and a contributor to the Council of the Code at the yearly meetings, which accounts for most, if not all the Gnomish relations.
Tensions do exist, though. Pirates threaten the islands on occasion, despite being protected by the gulf and constant trade routes, and trading guilds have attempted multiple times to maintain operations on the Pebbles, but have been deterred. Otherwise, the main conflicts exist between in the precarious situation between the Culdonian Collective and the Elves due to the hundreds of years that they have been ‘temporarily utilizing’ a couple floors of the Tower Perian. Though the Elves have not pushed on the issue, everyone knows of the bad blood, even unspoken and passive-aggressive as it may be.

East Kai’ckul
East of the Indahar Mountain Range, in what is colloquially known as the “Fear-East” lies the untamed, but tenuously known world of the Eastern Continent. There lies new riches and exotic goods which often has outweighed the risk venturing to any of the following locales:

A fraternal twin to the civilization west of the Indahar Mountain Range, this is the newest nation of Kai’ckul, led by a former Trailblazer, King Martin Downings. Gold and silver once more flows in the veins of nations because of the discoveries made by Martin and the people who flow over eastward to improve their status and wealth as prospectors.
A new and unproven nation in a dangerous and untamed realm, but with the power of gold and a slowly increasing military might. It contends with the elements of Mother Kai’ckul and politically has Elves and Worthend opposing it on its recent admission to the Council of the Code — with threat of action being taken against the new nation as it was technically a discovery under a charter of Worthend’s Trailblazing Charter.

Not a nation by any means, but a city-state. This self-contained entity is run by the Many-Named Corwin Kilgannon, and is rich, prosperous city pulsating with life and change. Due to its position as sole proprietor of all exotic goods claimed from the Eastern Continent, wealth has no option but to flow into the city. Due to the wealth, its location at the extent of most Trailblazing routes, and its lax laws, it grows daily.
Though it has no direct enemies, Terminus constantly bickers with trading companies, and certainly will develop issues with Tumbledown to the west, as they both grow in power and maintaining their current political bents. The Council of the Code has expressed many wishes to exert influence in the city, but has constantly been rejected and it appears only force or other means will be necessary, should it be included in the Codified Realms.

South Kai’ckul
From the Bloody Neck and Prktakk, with the continuation of the Indahar Mountain Range along its eastern coastline, the unknown lands of the Southern Continent lie beyond the reach of civilization with one exception:

Another city-state governed by a committee of artisans and trading guild representatives, it maintains a peaceful and amiable relationship with the Council of the Code and most nations — if only out of sheer necessity, as every oversea route must pass through Netton-on-the-Sea as the only possible stop-over and relief point on the arduous and long southern trading route to East Kai’ckul.
Created by a visionary, late Zhakary Nett, the city has been the only one to stand the test of time and the relentless violence levied by the Wild Men that control the continent and seal it off from surveyors and potential civilization. Internal issues aside — as trade money is the lifeblood of the city, it leads to many kinds of conflicts within the walls — this oasis on the Southern Continent’s main enemies are the bands of Wild Men who threaten its very existence.


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