Legendary leader and unifier of peoples, and the one who single-handedly saved all of Kai’ckul from the evil of the Lost. Never before and never since has there been a singular Elven leader, but in the moment of need Perius appeared from Culdonia and risked everything for a belief in civilization and hope.

The Lost ravaged each peoples separately, violently and constantly for years — far more so than any threat the Wild Men have every presented. Men roamed and exacted similar violence against Lost and other peoples for personal gain. Yet, the Elves and Dwarves held out against the aggression. The Dwarves in their holdfasts of the mountains eventually dissuaded the bands of attacks to turn their eyes elsewhere and they focused on an attainable, but stubborn objective: Fey Culdonia and the Enclave of Elves. At the time, it stretched west across the hills of Nathrach up to Veridia and as a buffer between the Senians and Enders. It was a land of magic, life, resources and treasure.

The first concerted effort by the evil creatures turned on Culdonia and began the Long Siege and began to claim victories against the Low Elves fighting in the Nathrach. Months of slow, but continued losses showed how this would turn out eventually and from the High Council of Elendil, Perius came forth with a far-reaching plan: reach out to Men, Halflings and Dwarves and unify together as the Lost had done and drive them from this world. He was met with disbelief. But there were a few who were drawn to his passion, or just a lack of options. Together, the small band broke the tree cover, risking their lives for the singular hope.

They happened upon the small village of Frior and it’s massive leader: Lothar Greatworth, and in the back of their heads they believed they would be killed outright as attackers, or simply not of the tribe. Perius, at extremity of exhaustion and hope, dragged himself through the shocked expressions of the Enders to Lothar and collapsed into his arms. There, a single tear fell and the bond that would establish the Alliance was forged. The rest, as Balabar Mocklaw would say, is history.

After the war, Perius guided the first Council of the Code and the establishment of the first cadre of Wardens before passing from this world, leaving his legacy and nothing else. Some say he was the embodiment of Kai’ckul herself, but few wish to believe she would appear both as a man and as an Elf. No matter his origins and seemingly short time on this world, all are glad for the good he wrought.


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