By and large, religion is consistent throughout Kai’ckul, and guided from the priest-state of Mikk. There is a pantheon of gods worshipped to a larger or lesser extent throughout the civilized world. Some peoples or cities, like Tyun‘s focus on Namaka, almost exclusively worship one over another. Yet, as Mikken practice shows, the pantheon holds each on even footing with the other, even Kai’ckul, the Mother, who gave life to the rest of the pantheon and the peoples of her world.

Kai’ckul – Mother, World-Mother; Giver of Life and Prosperity
The origin of the pantheon and all living things in the world. In the pantheon family tree, she sits above Io, the Father, with the sisters fanning out from their dual parentage.

Wala – Eldest Sister of Day; Giver of Light and Protection

Mediena – Sister of Nature; Giver of Sustenance and Materiel

Namaka – Sister of the Sea; Giver of Weather and Wealth

Nott – Sister of Night; Giver of Darkness and Love

Keres – Twin Sisters of Death; Givers of Peace and Violence
Worshipped as one, dual aspects of a single aspect. They hold hands through eternity, bound to each other, despite their physical and philosophical differences. The giver and the taker, both are called Keres.

Io – Father, Seven Draconic Aspects; Giver of Power and Family
The diamond from which all the aspects are the Father are viewed. Io is technically a pantheon in his own right, and sub-dieties from each of the ten ‘kinds’ of dragons exist and are worshiped separately, though usually in fringe societies, and are not recognized as full-fledged religions. Aspects of Io:

  • The Bronze Dragon, Brondurium is known as to be worshiped by Dwarves in the southern Indahar Mountain Range in the Veisi, Akhtar and Ghaznavi holds.

Founded by Perius to ward off the Lost who many feared could not be truly gone, as evil cannot be eradicated. Yet, for generations, the Elves, Men, some Dwarves — the Generationals — and the newer Half-Elves, have protected the edges of civilization and the halls of the former Dwarven holds in the Indahar Mountain Range, but have had nary a conflict. Still, they are trained to protect us, and do so from the day they enlist until they pass from this world, from the Soundless Brink to the edges of Prktakk. The latter has been the only place of violence worth noting, and is a contentious issue at the Council of the Code: protectors of us all serving to protect Mikk and only Mikk.
Despite their ages of unneeded protection, they are still respected, especially by Elves and Dwarves.

Tasked with broadening the knowledge of the world, the Trailblazers are cartographers, roadbuilders, surveyors; they are the eyes and ears of civilization. Primarily trained within the borders of Worthend, they take up contracts to improve the world as we know it, at little to no real pay, but are given specific tasks and with a support network and other blazers to places where no other has been. A job fraught with danger, but rewarded with sights and experiences. Their numbers have dwindled with the wealth of Worthend, but some still take up the call, and occasionally to great wealth, like Martin Downings.

Other Groups
The Nicks
Infamous throughout Kai’ckul and originating from their haven in Nikto, organized has a face and it’s covered with self-inflicted scars. Who leads them, no one but members know — and maybe not even they do. But a city beyond the touch of The Nicks is far-removed from society indeed, or has nothing worth touching. Only the boldest of Nicks wear their badges on exposed skin, as the systematic ‘hashing’ of their skin with purposeful scars immediately identify them as the criminal element. So, many bear their pride on their torso or legs — some even under their hairline. Each raised line is the life of someone who got in their way and is no longer living.

The Pale Souls
The deadly, elite warriors born and bred from Sussenia, renowned for their single-minded focus and loyalty, beyond their sheer skill with weaponry. Culled from unwanted within the borders of Sussenia, many are vagrants or convicts. Others are sent for training, paid for at a dear price both in life and currency, by other kingdoms. And then, the rarest breed are those who come of their own volition, volunteering themselves up for the highly deadly tutelage for myriad reasons. Under the dual training of Mikel Pallin and Axel, the recent cadres have been reported to be the most keen ever produced by the Pallins.

Grey robed, silent guardians to the holy city of Deveron, they can be seen on every street and avenue, at all times of day and assuredly contribute to the cleanliness, peace, and quiet of the capitol of Mikk. Men and women given to the city by each of the seven primary faiths of Kai’ckul, it is an order unto itself and zealously protective of the sanctity of religion and Deveron.

Left Hand
Heavily armed and armored military of Tumbledown. Paid for by the gold running from the Tumbledown river and the lands claimed by the new Kingdom, these men — as the Left Hand is exclusively male, and almost entirely Human — are hand selected from all over Kai’ckul, many trained in Sussenia or blooded against the Wild Men in Mikk or some of the few Wardens who broke their vows in exchange for coin and now hide on the far side of the mountain range where they once patrolled.

The Circle
The Circle originated in Oakenfell, founded in the aftermath of the Lost Wars and resides in the Tower Perian. An Order of Elves of the highest nobility and keenest attunement to magic, they exist at the top of the Elendil’s cultural ladder, astride and a part of the Council of the Code.


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