The oldest city in all of Kai’ckul and home to the Elendil — High Elves — Elven culture and civilization, the Council of the Code, and the barest hints of magic. Nestled in south Culdonia lies the largest and one of two true cities of Elves. The remainder of their Enclave exists in a large network of interconnectivity, one large, loose conglomerate rather than cities as we know them with Oakenfell and Briarcliff as the two exceptions.

The majestic Tower Perian — the pretty twin to Briarcliff’s — rises from the green canopy and disputes Wyrmspire and The Source as the tallest building in all of Kai’ckul. Stonework laced with glinting gold of a filigree graces every inch of the tower, ornamented and captivating. Unlike the Gnomish Wyrmspire, the tower of Oakenfell is open to any and all and is abuzz with the flow in and out of its four ground-level doors. The Council of the Code meets at the top of the tower, and the few who train in the ways of wizardry work within the walls. The Culdonian Collective of Gnomes utilize a couple floors for their research and library.

The remainder of the city is a quiet, sylvan and quaint city, built unobtrusively into the woods itself. Low Elves — as few as exist within the confines of the city — live in wooden lean-tos at the base of great trees, or in tiered homes built into the branches and on the sides of the trees that resemble bracket fungus. Elendil, on the other hand, live within the tower, or utilize no homestead whatsoever and can often be seen in a meditative trance in the middle of a path or cross-legged on an exposed large root.

Oakenfell serves as the capitol of the Enclave, but governed by the High Council of Elves which has not had a singular leader since Perius.


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