Wedged between the Raniar Mountain Range and the Nathrach hills, lies a valley within the borders of Sussenia. White clouds flow over the slopes to either side of Nikto, as the largest herds of sheep roam on the plentiful and rich grasslands alongside the ranchers driving horses. An incredibly attractive fruit ripe for the picking, but untouched by conflict — even at the far end of the realm away from ready protection by the Pale Souls — thanks to having Dwarves as neighbors and buffers to other Men.

Thanks to its more southerly climate than most of Sussenia, as well as a lack of threats, Nikto has thrived, blossoming into the Jewel of the North, analogous to the splendor of once-rich Worthen. It serves as both the conduit into the rest of Sussenia, as well as a natural stop off point before heading further in to Western Kai’ckul from An Dun or out on the long trek to The Bight. Not only do the most successful Senian herders reside in the area surrounding, but Nikto is home to most processing and manufacturers for their exports. So consolidated are these efforts that the city has been nicknamed “Jerktown” for the smoke and flavors ever wafting through the streets.

The animals and their caretakers, the ones who bring the product to town, though, are relegated to a distinct ring on the outskirts of the city in a loose sprawl that imitates the style of settlement much further north. It is there you head for a live animal, but more than likely, to see the coat and musculature on a potential steed. The animal trade exists further north, but the best product always makes its way down the single, winding road to Nikto.

It’s a stretch of a city, that has built up over the years along the major causeway from An Dun due to the constant back and forth of trade between the depot city and the Dwarven port. The streets are narrow and more of functionary off-shoots to the main drag, which is the thoroughfare for both intra and extracity traffic, causing a clogged glut of people pushing their way back and forth all day long. The buildings crowd close together and rise overhead, patchwork additions to original layouts as rapid needed expansion valued time and efficiency over craftmanship and planning. Though not anywhere near as large a population as Tyun or Worthen or many cities in Mikk, the essence of Nikto makes you feel like you are in the largest cosmopolitan center anywhere. There’s a vibrancy and excitement unique to “Jerktown” and home to some of the best cuisine that one can find.

Despite the feel and energy of the city, it’s far from cosmopolitan, Nikto remains predominantly Human. Dwarves, especially from the Nathrach hills frequent the city, and a long-established love of Senian meats, but the second-most populous group — and a far second — are the Halflings. A favorite haunt for the smaller people, especially as a stop-over before their Greenright — or after, or both — they have forged a niche in the city close to their former lands and get to enjoy the sensory delights of the city, or even have a hand in their preparation.

Whether as an off-shoot of the crowded people throwing goods and silver around, or the distance from any sort of governance and police, Nikto has become known for its crime element as well. Travelers are wary, but few can pass through without having some sort of run in with ne’er-do-wells. Rogues and ruffians let Nikto’s frenetic energy and Dwarven ales common to the city go to their heads, but there’s also organized elements from the renowned and infamous “Nicks” — who commemorate their bloodier dealings with one-inch cut scars on their body.


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