Once, Elves lived out in the open air, tending to flocks of sheep on the hills alongside Culdonia. Low Elves were seen hunting ranging deer and elk. Elendil spun wool into majestic cloth garments out under the open sun. Then the Lost Wars came.

Culdonia was easier to defend, a natural barrier and fortress to protect the Elves who lived long natural lives, but could not compete in a war of attrition. Nathrach fell to the dark creatures almost instantly, despite a concerted effort and guerrilla tactics of the Low Elves. The wondrous flocks of sheep, so meticulously cared for, were an easy target and most were devoured. The rest were driven north, into the Niktan Valley, where they were protected by Kai’ckul, and the slightly less gluttonous Senians.

Once the threat was ended, the ancestral home was empty, eager to accept the Elves back, to be reclaimed and nurtured back to its former glory. But the Dwarves, driven from their own ancestral homes in the last throws of war, had nowhere to turn. And in a gesture of generosity and sacrifice, Nathrach became their home. Now Elves are rarely seen in the hills, and only recently have small flocks ventured back to find their old pastures.

The Hill Clans seem undisturbed and uninterested in the bleating invaders, as well as the cervines who quickly flourished after the end of the wars. Instead, these Dwarves make use of the rich mineral deposits of copper, tin, silver, and occasionally some gold. Much in the way that they once lived, the Dwarves build into the largest of hills in subterranean Clan homes, though now their expansion and depth is limited by the terrain and the more prosperous of Clans make use of multiple nearby hills, rather than one expansive mountain holdfast. The closest to ancient entrenchment exists at Carn Dubh under the control of the Dubbin Clan and Hector Dubbin who speaks as de-facto leader of the Hill Clans. They also serve as overseers for the granite quarries, which feed the construction of the hillholds — as they are now called — and the slow, progressive masonry of Carn Dubh.


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