Stretching from the base of the Father’s Footprint to the foot of the Indahar Mountain Range, the large expanse of green hills and fertile valleys sits at the base of the civilized domain of Kai’ckul. Mikk is known as both the spiritual and physical breadbasket to the world, offering religious guidance and the most plentiful and varied crops of any nation. Tyun, the southern bustling trading center sits on the waters on Mikk’s western coast, provides the physical wealth of the nation, while Deveron, in the heart of the farms, offers guidance to the entire nation and world from Reverend-King Jo Barada.

The disparate tribes of Mikk fell into the Alliance out of sheer desperation, beset by the raids of the Wild Men to the south, the Enders to the north, and the boundless evil of the Lost. They have always turned their eyes to the skies and the ground for support, and have endured much, and though they had to submit temporarily to the very ones who had stolen from their people for ages, the gods have answered their prayers and today they find themselves finally in the light.

Today, they bring might to bear moreso than any other nation in the Codified Lands, and usually are at the heart of many discussions at the Council of the Code. They maintain the largest standing army, which mostly lies along their southern border, protecting them from the continuous raids by the Wild Men and continue to insist that something must be done to stop the bloodletting. On the other hand, their military strength has occasionally been used to wrest southerly lying lands from Worthend, most recently the most prosperous vineyards that once were an industry exclusive to the Enders. The army is composed of a rotating militia concurrent with the seasonal farming needs; when a farm is fallow due to the time of year, or at it’s low-intensity period, each farm gives up fifty percent of its labor for a three-month term of service.

Despite it’s prosperity and resources, Mikken wealth is meager, and mostly resides in the city of Tyun from the sheer amount of imports and exports, and Deveron thanks to the tithe and offerings of religious travelers. Otherwise, much of the economy is tied up in the army. While being partially volunteer, it still bears a large burden to support and train, and that reason often is what guides the Reverend-King to use the strength for gain.

The weather and climate of Mikk is incredibly attractive and calm, and the view all around is of fields and simple people living simple lives. It’s a green, plentiful land of an earlier, pre-war time, with only Tyun and Deveron as concessions to the needs of civilization and codification.


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