Lothar Greatworth

Nearly seven feet tall, bound with sinew and muscle with a mane of wavy auburn hair, Lothar stood a giant among men, a legend of Kai’ckul and the keystone to winning the Lost Wars and giving weight to The Codification. Bearing his double-headed battleax which now represents all of Worthend, he was an intimidating force, and on the battlefield indomitable. Yet, he was also a brother-in-arms, and established friendships and bonds beyond race and differences, speaking highly of his friends Perius and Merla Underfoot until the day he passed from the world.

While his brown eyes betrayed the ‘teddy bear’ inside, it was his prowess on the field that united the lands south of Culdonia into the first true Kingdom of Men — even at the time, the term had not existed, nor did he know that was what he had achieved. Centered on the ‘capitol’ of Frior, which is now known as Worthen in his honor and now sprawls across the countryside in a way that those first Friorians would never be able to conceive, the kingdom of Worthend once was the height of power and civilization for Men. Its renowned roads and accompanying influence spanned all of West Kai’ckul, and if it were not for the core of Greatworth honor, it surely could have conquered much of it as well.

He was born afield, in the midst of a battle between the Friorians and the neighboring Hurch — a modern-day district within Worthen — his mother was aiding wounded warriors when she was forced to stop and give birth to Lothar and set him on an oaken shield as a make-shift bassinet before turning back to a shocked, impressed, and pale cousin whom she had been tending to prior. A hardy family, the Greatworths. Lothar’s father was the right hand to Berry Frior, and so Lothar’s early years were dominated by two elements: tactical and battlefield expertise from his father, and heartfelt and passionate determination from his mother. Together, they inspired a leader and a fighter who drew eyes and attention without any effort.

When Lothar turned fifteen, Tundee, the Frior heir, actually challenged Greatworth to personal combat. Some say it was to preempt the building support for the young leader, and nip the issue in the bud. Some claim it was a sham, and a formal passing of control over to Lothar. Whatever the case might have been, Lothar came out of a quick fight as the victor, with the people wholeheartedly behind him. He also did not rename the settlement, nor their tribe — as the custom was — until the change was forced upon him after The Codification. Instead, Lothar led Frior through a methodical conquest of the neighboring tribes.

Unfortunately, the other tribes had served as a barrier to the Lost, and soon he and the Friorians were battling creatures that had been rumored but never seen. The expansion of his control over the Men of central Kai’ckul was stalled until the fateful day when Perius gave him a tearful hug. The Lost had terrified him to his core, as the embodiment of all that could be evil in the world. To him, everything was secondary until the nightmares were driven away. He readily allied with the slender Elves, beings of few words, and together united the world.

The war was terrifying and difficult, fighting an enemy without as the peoples within bristled against each other and their strange cultures. He found Dwarves a fickle race, on one — easterly — hand, a valiant, powerful and honorable race, and on the other — westerly — hand, a xenophobic, isolationist, and selfish race. He learned of the atrocities Men from the north had brought upon Viridia and the Halflings from Merla Underfoot. He learned of the violent Men who lived beyond the Bloody Neck and Prktakk. He saw Underfoot save his life, despite his people being the ones to have perpetrated such violence upon them — and from that moment in the bloody tent, meant to do right and repay the Halflings for the wrongs done them and the conditionless support he had received from them past notwithstanding.

He saw the world and its peoples. He drank it in and saw a fragmented world of fantastic people that could offer each other much. In strength, in resources, in knowledge. And now that the Lost were destroyed, good could replace evil. So, he set out to reclaim Viridia under the Greenbirth Protectorate, giving up the needed opportunity for Worthend’s access to the Father’s Footprint and the sea. He sent his own people first into the lines of the Wardens, and established the first training grounds within his own capitol, at his own expense. He sought to draw the world together, and did so by creating the Trailblazers and painstakingly crafted roadways by the best engineers and materials that could be afforded. And at first, Worthen reaped the rewards, as the roads and new connections flooded his borders with goods and travelers. Respect was his, and the Council of the Code often supported his guidance unquestioningly.

Yet, as he aged, and his son Qaz tentatively took the reins, patient and hungry eyes turned on the Greatworths and their Kingdom — sick of playing the obedient dogs. Perius had passed years before, and his successors did not honor the bond that their first Kin-Commander had with the Human. Lothar had no strength to fight and his son felt incapable following in such a large shadow. Mikk began testing the water, claiming lands further and further north, all along their border with Worthend as reprisals were few and far between and often in the form of envoys and declarations.

Lothar left the world a legend, having built the world as we know it and crafted the Age of Wardens with his guidance. Yet, with his passing and no one stepping into his shoes, the cracks in the foundation have begun to spread, even further than Worthend-Mikk border disputes.

Lothar Greatworth

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