Map of Kai’ckul

She is a young world, devoid of the forces of sheer evil thanks to their defeat in the Lost Wars at the hands of the Alliance and the Heroes of generations ago. Yet, she is silent and our Draconic Fathers have long-disappeared from this world and without any guidance the remaining races of the world toil restlessly and against one another as there’s nothing to unite them anymore.

Men command the vast wealth and power of the world. Peerless military might of Sussenia, incredible resources and religious fervor of Mikk, new-found wealth of Tumbledown, and age-old greatness and institutions of Worthend.

Halflings range the world in all directions and all walks of life, far from their home of Veridia, now known as the Greenbirth Protectorate being held in trust by the Men of Worthend.

Gnomes are a relatively new to the players of the world, discovered on their Dragon’s Pebbles in the gulf of the Father’s Footprint, and concern themselves with the edification, documentation and acquisition of knowledge and other advances. They are seen either in great number — as at their Collectives in the Culdonian Forest or on the Pebbles — or are rare, indeed, and when seen are usually solitary and introverted.

Dwarves vie for power with the Men but without open confrontation. They crave the power and wealth of a time before the Lost Wars. Found mostly in their holds in the Raniar Mountain Range, the few remaining in the Indahar Mountain Range, or the displaced and resettled Hill Clans in Nathrach, some Dwarves have taken up artisan paths and own shops or trade freely throughout the world.

Elves, especially the High Elves of the Elendil, keep to themselves within Fey Culdonia and the expansive, quiet and peaceful forest. Known for their exclusive attunement to magic — rarer than platinum in this world — they are sought both by Gnomes for that knowledge, and by the wealthiest for tutelage. Elendil are even rarer than Gnomes to be found outside tranquil Culdonia, but Low Elves are much more common and are seen in every area of the world, in all walks of life.

Half-Elves — often called Aberrations — are a facet almost unique to the Order of the Wardens, guardians of civilization. A cross-breed between Men and Elves that has occurred ‘accidentally’ over the years due to the seclusion and insular nature of the military order.


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