Indahar Mountain Range

Once named for the Indahar Clan for their leadership, resilience and power, now it bears their name as a memory and warning. Spanning much of the barrier between East and West Kai’ckul, these mountains used to be full of Dwarven holdfasts and their Clans, and bearing riches of gold and ironwork that has yet to be paralleled to this day.

Triath Cep Indahar was the first and most important of the Dwarven leaders to side with the alliance, and his weight brought many Dwarves with him. Despite warnings and resistance, he joined with Men, Halflings, and Elves to rid Kai’ckul of the pestilence that we know as the Lost. The war was glorious, until the Lost began to rout and the alliance split into three forces attempting to smash the scattered enemies North, South, and East as they ran. Indahar chose to smash the Eastern elements against his eternal mountains as a hammer and anvil. Yet, it turned out that his enemies truly were a sword waiting to be beaten into shape.

He drove them into the mountains on Thar Am — the Dwarven highest of holidays — it seemed a good omen. But his people and those of the holdfasts up and down the Indahar Mountain Range were unprepared and unwarned of the danger about to flood their halls. Instead, they were deep in the preparations and enjoyment of the day. So when the Lost burst in, they had myriad hostages and a perfect defensive position to hold out against Indahar’s forces as they came on their heels.

Here the fight was bloodiest, Triath Indahar being one of the first casualties as the unexpected situation turned into a rage and he threw himself headlong into the entrenched enemies. The fighting continued until Underfoot’s arm of the alliance forces arrived, needed reinforcements that drove the Lost from their positions, annihilating them.

Now, despite the wealth of gold and history that remains in the holdfasts along the Indahar Mountains, the only Dwarves who remain are the Generationals who would not allow Elves and Men to guard their hallowed halls as Wardens. Those Clans have since relocated to the hills west of Oakenfell and none seem keen on returning, whether that’s out of fear, respect, or a desire to move on, nary a Dwarf will tell you.

Indahar Mountain Range

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