Hammerdal Mountains

Geologists would tell you that these broken, sharp mountains that jut up frighteningly into the sky along the eastern border of Sussenia are simply an extension of the Indahar Mountain Range and do not deserve a different nomenclature, as they were formed at the same time by the same forces. Yet, most in Kai’ckul view the Athfort as a division point between the two, obviously separate formations.

North of Athfort, these splintered giants spear the sky like brittle swords that defy gravity, threatening to break in half at any moment. Needless to say, no Dwarven Clans call these mountains home, nor does there exist any stories of attempts or even desire to bend these earthen swords to their will.

Senians also leave the Hammerdals to their ominous quiet, enjoying the shield from westerly storms, but also are a terrestrial people who enjoy their more sea-level lifestyle. So, the mountains remain a mostly unknown quantity in Kai’ckul, with only infrequent forays by Wardens during the summer months, or by those foolish or brave enough to venture anyway.

Even those investigations have left little learned, as more often than not the Wardens are forced off their endeavor by a pack of Hammerhorns — great, hearty mountain goats that somehow enjoy and thrive on the shifting escarpments and do not take kindly to the intrusions.

Hammerdal Mountains

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