Nestled alongside the gentle waters of the Bay of Tranquility, you will find the last oasis of land in civilized Kai’ckul: seemingly untouched landscape of undulating hills against a backdrop of gently rolling grey-blue waves, a land crying out for cultivation and offering a home for anyone — even Dwarves.

A single road leads to these Edenic lands: the highest quality road in all of Kai’ckul, meticulously maintained, running directly from Worthen in the Kingdom of Worthend to an abrupt stop at an ever-open wrought-iron gate. Arching between the two wide-swung doors is Halfling for “Welcome Home.” The reminder that this was once another place, another time, reclaimed.

Once called Viridia, it was home to the Halflings. For generations afterward, King Lothar Greatworth and his progeny set to turn back the devastation. Now, Longstalk grass sways along the beaches again, broken only once by a pier — the only reminder of civilization for miles around. In fact, it’s the only residence with the solitary Halfling residents in the whole of the Protectorate.

Seth Beachsitter has been running the Soaked Rooster since his Greenright fifty years ago. A simple inn which furnishes housing for sailors — typically — and vacationers who need creature comforts — occasionally, it’s always full and a very bawdy place. Seth is proprietor, brewer, and chef, leaving his family to tend to the service positions, and also handles all customs and ‘tariffs’ for the ‘Viridian Port’ as he calls it. He claims that he came upon the derelict pier — being used by ne’er-do-wells and pirates — and the building (and also uses that as an excuse as to both of their current conditions), and decided he didn’t want to leave. As far as the namesake, he insists it’s due to his ‘alarm cock’ called Ostrich, who never so much as flutters his wings, but insists on heading outside during the highest of tides to announce the day has come, and thus ends up on the water-logged side every day.

Turning away from the enclave of people, Greenbirth is a sort of nature preserve, though still lacking as far as fauna. But flora, it has in abundance. Somehow, Lothar and his son Qaz, reinitiated not only the hardy Longstalk, but also the Whispers and Crunchgrass to the lands. Purple Pops grow in rampant patches and in an attempt to stave off their invasive growth, all visitors are welcome to pick and eat all they desire — with a requisite reminder that to plant in their homes comes at their own discretion. Seth uses the luscious berries in almost every one of his ‘famous’ ales and lagers, though most notably as a bright contrast in his darker stouts.

Though meant for Halflings, beyond the Beachsitters, none have yet returned, and so Worthend continues to pour efforts into improvements in hope to entice the little people back. In the meantime, though, it has become not only a place for the Greenright of young Halflings, but a vacation spot for many.


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