The Elendil known as Finrodel the Prophet came to life over 1400 years ago, during the Age of Heroes and the Lost Wars. His origins are not known to the general public, but most assume he was raised in Oakenfell, as it was to Oakenfell he later returned, once he became known. Finrodel is the founder and leader of The Circle, the order of wizards based in Oakenfell, within Fey Culdonia.

During the Lost Wars, Finrodel was a soldier for the elves under Perius, but he had a gift for prophecy and wizardry. After a pivotal battle at the Siegelands, Finrodel was given Perius’ blessing to return to Oakenfell and found a society of the wizards the likes of which the world had never seen nor has since. When he arrived at Oakenfell, he found that the Book of Arinoth, legendary Wyrm-gifted tome from which all learned magic has derived, was missing since the death of its previous owner, Torfingalf, and all the Elves despaired. But lo, as Finrodel announced his intent, The Mysteriarch appeared and revealed to all that Torfingalf had reserved the Book to be no longer possessed by a lone wizard, but by a group set forth for the teaching of magic to those students who showed most promise. The Mysteriarch then produced the Book of Arinoth, and thus it was that Finrodel took the Book of Arinoth on behalf of The Circle, whereupon it was kept ever after in the Tower Perian at Oakenfell, for study by the aspirants and Ringbearers of The Circle

This society would stand guard as a special force to be called upon in time of need, and also to foster learning and development of the magical arts. More than a thousand years later, Finrodel still leads the Circle, as wise and soft-spoken as ever.

In addition to being one of the Elder Telcari, Finrodel is also a member of the Elendil High Council — one who commands great respect from the others there, if his office does not quite reflect that. He is known as a kind soul, devoted to his people and of a thoughtful nature.


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