Enclave of Elves

The oddity of all the Codified Lands: The Enclave, as it is commonly known, but should be called Kingdom of the Elves — as it was Perius himself and the Elvish stylization of Kin-Commander from which the term derived. Originating the idea and initiating the cultivation of civilization, the Elves have returned to the historic ways prior to the Lost Wars. Now, it is rare to see an Elf beyond the reaches of the expansive tree line of Fey Culdonia — the great western forest of Kai’ckul, a contiguous, mystical, and most mysterious place where Elves have long reigned. Once, Low Elves were seen tending to the hilly lands west of Culdonia, husbanding and participating in light agriculture, but those times have ling sine passed when that portion of territory was ‘gifted’ to the dispossessed Dwarves of the Indahar Mountain Range.

Despite all of Perius’ insistence and guidance which brought civility and settlement to the ranging peoples of Kai’ckul, Elvish lands do not follow the imparted model. From stories of those who have visited — mostly Gnomes — to their own descriptions, all of Fey Culdonia is more of a megalopolis: an interconnection of living space high in the trees and on the forest floor, nary more than small trails which interweave throughout with little apparent organization. Two exceptions exist, Briarcliff to the north, bordering both the Dwarven hills and Sussenia, and Oakenfell which resides deep within the southern end of Fey Culdonia.

The Elves remain a private, secluded and peaceful people, uninterested in the squabbles beyond the boughs of Culdonia. Many view them as aloof and xenophobic, but while they are reticent to leave, the acceptance of Gnomes into their culture displays that the pejoratives may be misplaced and simple projection by those unwilling to venture into the myth-laden tree line.

Economy seems an unknown concept to these forest-dwellers. They proffer hides, foraged foodstuffs indigenous to Culdonia, and even pets, and take things in trade, but they are averse to coin commerce, and a few studies of trading patterns of Elves has left a curious discrepancy: their imports and exports shouldn’t be able to support the believed numbers living within Culdonia. Occasionally, students are taken in to Oakenfell to be trained in the magical arts. These rarities are preceded by an envoy or script invitation, and those students almost never return home. A few of the extremely wealthy have attempted to pay for instruction in these arts and have always been snubbed, no matter the amount of wealth lavished upon the request. It seems that these students are scouted and recruited based entirely on aptitude, or some other measure, before any contact or mention of the possibility is made.

Enclave of Elves

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