Those who seek religious guidance come to Mikk. At the center of the vast country resides the beacon of faith, Deveron: a capitol for the reverent, whether they be Mikken or simply children of Kai’ckul. Spires glint in the light, day or night, from every home, store and temple in the granite city, which from above must look like one giant, ordered grey star.

Nestled at its core is The Source, a seven-pointed structure upon which the entire city’s layout is based. The largest building in all of Mikk, it reaches high into the sky — and claims to rival both the Sirius Stalagmite and Wyrmspire. It is the home to the Reverend-King of Mikk, as well as the seven primary faiths of Kai’ckul. Jo Barada is the current Reverend-King, and presides over both the religious and secular functions required of him. It is because of this high demand that he rarely ventures forth from Deveron, or The Source, except for the required meetings for the Council of the Code.

Each arm of The Source — seven, one for each of the primary faiths — points down an avenue. And each avenue is named for its originating faith. These broad avenues form the basis for the layout for the entire city, which is built in concentric rings that radiate out along those thoroughfares. Few actually make it to The Source for their communion with their gods, but take their reflection and penance at any of the temples along each of the main avenues.

Deveron is an immaculate city, clean and open and bright, and noticeably quiet despite the sheer number of occupants. Deveronians take pride in the diametric opposition of character to Worthen, the clean to the dirty, the edified to the decayed. Its streets are walked by the visible presence of Protectors, robed guardians that exist only within the confines of the holy capitol.


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