Cep Indahar

Indahold and the Indahar Clan had an ancient and long-standing recognition as the wealthiest of all peoples in Kai’ckul. Gold almost exclusively came from the deep veins located where they lived, and their people were able to focus all their efforts on the artistic pursuits and were known as some of the best builders to ever exist. Cep Indahar, son of Gar Indahar, was the Triath and leader of the Ancient Holds when Perius and Lothar Greatworth made the trek up into the Indahar Mountain Range to seek the Dwarven aid against the blight of the Lost.

The leaders of the Dwarven Clans met and almost unanimously agreed to remain neutral in the conflict. They had their mountains to defend them. They were mostly unharried by the Lost. They had much to lose and little to gain. Indahar spoke out against such selfishness, stating that once the Men and Elves and Halflings were overtaken, they would be the next target on the list. Using his influence and logic (and wielding heirloom of his line, the Indahammer), he slowly brought the Dwarves into the Alliance. Some say that the Indahammer bestowed the gift of persuasion upon its wielder, and that this was how Cep’s father, Gar, turned the Lost aside from attacking them centuries earlier through mere words, and how Cep managed to convince the other Dwarf clans to join the Grand Alliance. Others accuse the Dwarves of inventing this story to sidestep guilt in the former and foolishness in the latter. Whatever the case, the great Maul was lost with the death of Cep Indahar.

The war ensued and with the Dwarven strength, the war was winnable, and despite great bloodshed, the Lost were broken. Cep was given command of the Eastern Arm of the Alliance and drove the fleeing creatures up into the mountains, seeking to completely rout and eliminate the threat against the anvil to his hammer of an army. Thar Am came, the holiest and happiest of Dwarven holidays, where families would come together and be thankful for what was good. It was on that day that despite the portentous omen, the Lost invaded the holdfasts rather than be broken against them. It was that day that is no longer celebrated or even mentioned, as it is the day when so many Dwarves lost their lives and homes.

Indahar sacrificed himself in the ensuing battles to drive the Lost from Indahold, and more battles followed until the threat was entirely eradicated and the holdfasts were emptied of their history and the invaders. It is said that it was justice for his lack of forethought and unneeded generosity that he lost his life and that his people would not return to their seat of power. He is a tale used to warn Dwarves of certain behavior and the repercussions of action without thought.

Cep Indahar

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