Ancient Holds

Once, history only knew of two branches of Dwarves and the wealthiest and powerful resided in holdfasts along the Indahar Mountain Range. These Clans were known as the original and first, and thus the Ancient Clans. Now, after the Lost Wars and the Last Thar Am, most of the holds are empty and relics of a time long passed.

A few of the Ancestral Dwarven Clans remain, specifically the Adran who hold their Pass and the Gemmun Bridge and are the strongest and foremost Clan. Below them there is a broad swath of uninhabited holds where only Wardens patrol, until you reach the southern mountains just north of Prktakk. There you find a cluster and the other remaining Ancient Clans: Veisi, Akhtar and Ghaznavi.

Where gold and precious stones used to flow from the Indahar Clan and the central holds, now the wealth of these former great Dwarves comes from the stonework and locational power of the Adran, and the weaponsmiths of the southern holds.

The Adran are incredibly welcoming for Dwarves and appreciate, even encourage, visitors, whereas the Veisi, Akhtar and Ghaznavi exhibit the more typical Dwarven isolationism, though with a strange twist: the three Clans are very tight knit and are almost a community among themselves beyond the communities with each of their holds.

Ancient Holds

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