Upon which we search every room and need Razhad lots

September 18th

The group peers into the room beyond the room containing all the chests. It is a large banquet hall with brozeware set for at least 500 table settings. The room looks dilapidated with plates a cups strewn about and tapestries crumpled from their hangings. The group attempts to rest before moving forward, but are attacked by oozes and jellies as they begin to bed down.

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The oozes caustic bodies eats away at metals and wood, even the chests, when exposed, melt to slag and lightining traps from four of the chests are ignited splitting the oozes in half! Although magic weapons seemed to be unaffected.

After destroying the goopy adversaries Eldorin set an Alarm on the doors and the group completed a rest. Evan, Alex, Ben and Bill. Leveled.

As Eldorin and Baranel kept watch they saw movement of creatures past the braziers.
Nilbud went and scouted ahead, the hall past the braziers branched right and left. Group went right. This passage and the rooms adjacent had been ransacked by creatures. There were afew rooms off to each side with miscellaneous detritus much of which was stained with blood now old and brown.

Eldorin finds a hidden doorway which pushes open easily. This room was a kitchen with prep tables surrounding the oven. Written on the side are operation instructions in an old dialect of Dwarvish. NIlbiud decodes it with the help of Elias, then Eldorin does some fancy magic and find that they were right. The oven is on ingenious design using magenetism somehow. Hammerdal turns the oven on and Nilbud turns it back off and pulls him out of the room before he makes any more noise.

Down the hallway we encounter a room with figures asleep in bedrolls, the equipment of wardens sits by the door. After some discussion of how to approach these people we enter the room ready to parlay when we are attacked by creatures instead of people. We killed them.

This room contains another chest that cannot be opened without Razhad, plus some strange glowing green candles that appeared to have been there for some time. We continue around the corner where one direction leads to a stairway up while on the other side of the hall is a large metal door with a bronze lock and knob. We called for Razhad to open the door, but it turned out to be unlocked.

Inside this room is a large statue and Altar to Brondourin. Eldorin reads the large amounts of text scrawled all over this room. Mostly about worship of the bronze dragon with some pictures of sacrifices of metal poured into the mouth of a stone idol. It looks like something attempted to remove the statue, but had been unsuccessful. It also spoke of a curse on the innahold treasures and had images of the innahammer. There was another semi-circle of strange black candles unlit before the altar. We took them.

We are attacked by more gricks and puddings. We killed them. As Hammerdal played with the stone hanging throughout the room and creating electric shocks that hit some of the party, a number of burning braziers were thrown into the room from outside and the door slammed shut.

To Be Continued.


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