The Tom and Jerry Unending Hallway


The group continued down the seemingly endless Tunnel, until a glint of gold caught in the distance caught the eye of Hammerdal who rushed forward to get it and was trapped in the sticky lure set by worm like creatures who attempted to charm the party. Between being charmed and stuck in webbing and grabbed by the large fleshy bodies the martial members of the party struggled with these creatures! However, between magic and the dog-mole’s ferocity the creatures were defeated.
A short journey down the tunnel later the companions discovered a huge cavern of yellow gold and white filled with precious metals and gems. This cavern had been mined out by dwarves to assist them in reaching the lowest levels of the caverns. There are a great many ways out of this series of caverns as they were carved 1000’s of years ago. Even some the dwarves did not know about. Hammerdal picked up 50gp worth of gold. Nilbud collected gem flakes (150gp worth) as did Eldorin. Nilbud also found a large diamond inside an uninteresting rock that Hammedal left as a marker for the way we came. Nilbud marked the door subtly with ink and smaller stones. The group went down the 3rd passage. They heard a whistle similar to that left as the way to enter these caverns and came upon a number of dwarves working the stone. Mortifer the mole growled which suggested that something was amiss. They turn out to be intelligent spider creatures that had changed forms to lure us into a trap! Good ole Mortifer tipped us off. The spiders retreated to a dead end and turned invisible as they attempted to trap us in their webs. With our usual panache we dispatched the creatures and went back to the cavern of precious stones. .
This time we took the 6th entrance. This lead to a cavern with a large chasm splitting the room in twain. A small ledge ran along one side. Large cricket like creatures were buzzing as the group came near. Eldorin’s magic destroyed many of them, but the others retreated and continued to drone. The sound attracted a group of Umber hulks which attacked. Khalo had jumped over the chasm and found and exit on the other side. Nilbud set up a rope bridge for everyone to cross and then the group escaped with minimal damage. Khalo had to carry a confused Hammerdal across, but all made it safely. Just as Nilbud detached the bridge a group of Ankhegs burst out of the opposite wall and were upset to see that their prey had escaped.

A small chimney like cavern awaits out intrepid adventurers.
No one has inspiration.
Nilbud has one red card: -1d8 after making a save.


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