The Tipping Point

I know now why this is the road I travelled. Why I have the powers with which Mediena blessed me.
My loss.
My choice.
My journey.
I questioned why I continued. I questioned the goodness of our journey and of the peoples left to ruin throughout our travels. Here, in this winery, beneath the earth again, I found the answer. There are evils of all kinds throughout this land; ancient evils that I do not comprehend. All that I know is that it must go and it cannot exist another minute. It is beyond Lost. It is ‘Ruined’. Mediena’s lost brother? Sons of the Sisters? Whatever it is and however it came to be all that matters is that it is destroyed.
I feel my strength leaving me. This may be my last action in this world but I must try. I must—


carltylerjakes tylerjmoss

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