Session Notes 6/23

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The battle begins as our hero’s enter the throne room. 7 Warriors, 2 Keres sisters face the group as Crea starts chanting holding both Downings and Elais’ hand.
Elias Banishes Crea to another dimension and Eldorin hypnotizes many of the warriors, Nilbud sneaks around the back and stuns the Keres sisters. Beranel Bears down (hehe) Hammerdal smash! While Jethrail and Razhad do insane amount of damage from a distance.
Nilbud uses sleight of Hand to get back Elias’ hand and then puts an end to Martin Downing with one hesitant punch. At which point the guards lay down their arms (the ones that were left anyway)
Elias had to make the choice to reattach his hand or not. With a warning from Mediana he chooses to leave his stump as it is and suddenly his unattached hand shrivels and decays.
The group finds Downing battle plans and sends them with Downing’s signet ring to King Pieter with a letter of explanation.
Triath Adrin was placated with the idea of claiming Downing’s gold.
A letter is written to Downing’s army from “Martin Downing” claiming that he had a change of heart and wants his soldiers to live in peace while they can and protect the homeland.
We spend a week of downtime planning and searching Downing’s and Crea’s rooms.
Crea’s room- contained lots of keres idols as well as a journal of her research into rejuvenating Downing.
Downing’s room- Razhad did his normal baller job of opening a triple locked and trapped chest. In the chest were gold bars worth more than we have ever seen. Also, in a secret compartment a piece of a rock. This rock was the one that crippled Downing. Nilbud took the rock.
We use much of the money to hire 25 pale souls. 10 will be assigned to guard Archab with the remaining gold. 10 will go to the ant tower and clear/guard/keep watch. 5 are sent to Elias’ farm with his brother and our horses to help get it back on its feet.
Once all these plans have been set in motion, the group gets into mining carts and heads south toward Innahold. It takes one week. For the first few days we saw dwarves headed back up, but for the last day and a half no return journeys were spotted. We arrive to an already opened cavern with red glowing light filtering out. Pieces of dwarves litter the opening….. To Be Continued.
Baranel and Eldorin have inspiration.


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