Return of Khalo

Session Notes 8/1
Razhad opens the chests that seem to contain lots and lots of copper. Razhad takes 10gp worth of copper (100 coins)
Razhad opens the chest in the grick room. Find a maul with a dwarven sigil, small iron dwarven shield, Jewelry and the Royal Garments of the noble family. Razhad takes the jewelry and the group takes the rest to deal with at another time.

==Back to the present====
Baranel casts create water and puts out the burning braziers. Hammerdal opens the door and tons of amphibian like creatures attack. Eldoring instantly freezes half the group while Nilbud runs up to the leader holding the indahammer and unsuccessfully attempts to disarm him. After the group vanquishes many the remainder run, Eldorin stuns the rest and Razhad and Hammerdal cut them down where they stand.
Hammerdal is given the indahammer.
Khalo is back!!!!! The hermitage is going great! He has quelled the rebellion of the priestess of _________ . Also, Moss is there and Khalo returns Nilbuds cloak to her. The sword of Decsynth is buried under the mountain near the hermitage. Khalo seems somehow changed.
Now that the cloak is returned to Nilbud her vow of silence has ended.
As the adventurers continued down the corridor, they come upon a large door propped open, Nilbud and Razhad duck in but it slams shut soon thereafter and Razhad gets out, but Nilbud is trapped.
Khalo, Hammerdal, and Elias encounter another group of carrion crawlers and fights them. Then return to the door to investigate. The door is covered with more dwarven runes, a riddle! Razhad decodes the musical riddle and the doors swing open.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HI0x0KYChq4 (Skip to 1:20)
The group explores the many branching tunnels they find below and come across only a few unique locations. An iron stand for something like a weapon….the indahammer does not fit.
As we went along a few of our things went missing, and we heard the sound of giggles and the flutter of wings.

Another shuffling sound approached and then a yelp and the sound of something dying. Hammerdal charges forward and finds a mole dog being killed by a group of spiders. We destroyed the spiders mostly by setting fire to the webbing (our go to plan it seems) and Khalo healed the Mog (Mole-Dog) which began to follow him. He responded well to the name splug.
We found the remains of a humanoid in a crack way up high in the ceiling. A vial is found in his shoe and given to Eldorin, Nilbud takes a polished mirror. Also a throwing Ax and 3 ancient mint are retrieved.
All but Khalo have inspiration.


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