Its clobberin time!

Game Log- Tyler Moss’ apt.
Our crew of adventurers are face to face with a small lizard like creature but one who walks of two legs and speaks a guttural sounding language that none can decipher. Jethrail takes aim and fells the flying poison spitting creatures while the rest of the gang tries to fell them with throwing axes.
Many of the creatures are defeated but in the process a man with one hand barges out of a house and joins the fight. He had been protecting a home willed with a dwarven family for some time and took the momest of distraction to switch from defense of offense. The family was known as the Puddler clan; Clem the mother, and her children, Dwight, Lewis and Pillow. Their father (Digit) had been killed. They had been holed up in this house for some time and the rest of the town went to find shelter in the cathedral.
The merry band goes to investigate the cathedral (after magically securing the Puddlers in their house). Jethrail scouts ahead and finds that the whole town is overrun with creatures! We move through town quietly but are spotted by a group of six fliers. Most of us get into the shelter of an inn, but Jethrail gets buried under rubble dropped from the skies. After a hail of axes and magic missiles dispatch the creatures Jethrail is unburied and healed.
At this point Elias and Lykk are bolstered by their recent successes and improve upon their abilities. Lykk and Khalo join together to praise Kai’ckul by raising five fingers representing the five goddesses into the sky. This form of simple praise has been dubbed the high five.
Once the crew reached the cathedral they are met with 15 more creatures. We tried to be clever and hide ourselves from the flying creatures using cloud cover, while arrows, spells, high jumping and a VERY fast bear made short work of our foes.
Elias looks into the cathedral and seems only carnage and 6 lizards men that were much bigger than their smaller cousins. Some were watching the door while others tries to break into the crypt. They were speaking the same strange language but one word was understood. “Namaka”
Khalo remembers rumors a secret tunnel entrance to the crypt. Some members of the party keep watch on the door while others sneak in and evacuate the survivors from the crypt. With some coordination the split party attacks with surprise from the crypt door while the watchers attack from the front. The pincer strategy is successful and the large lizard when were defeated.
What to do next?!?!?!?!?! Where shall we go?!?!?!?!?!? Is Namaka really waking?!?!?!?!?!?
Find out in the next installment of……nameless adventure party time!


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