Getting wrecked underground by mindless creatures

Entering the cavern in the Innahold we were almost immediately dropped in on (literally) by a giant of a man, Tor is his name and he “protects for God”. He claimed that this God was one of earth and “like them” as he pointed at two huge dragon statues at the back of the cavern. His huge cavern contained three exits. One on the ground level that was very large and carefully carved that that he claimed as his own “Tor Cavern”. The middle entrance was approached by a set of stairs and flanked by the Dragons statues. The highest level looked like it had been burst out of the wall.
Eldorin convinces the giant that we are also in service of God and that he should let us pass. Clearly not having spent much time studying colors Eldorin almost blows it by claiming that the god must be brown colored when he meant something more metallic. Once that was snafu was sorted Tor gladly let us pass. We decided to go up the middle way, as we approached Nilbud investigated the statues which started to move, Eldorin detected thoughts and found them to be curious about us, but they let us pass.
The entrance let to a well carved hallway that had no light. This hallway contained many bones. Nilbud jostled the bones and they did not move so we continued along only to be surprised as large burrowing creatures bust from the walls and attacked. Some members of their party were hypnotized by their gaze, but they were eventually defeated and we continued along out way.
The next chamber was large and had been carved out by flowing water. It was warmer than the others and had large stalactites. Which of course dropped on us as we crossed the room; Two types of strange creatures attacked. The first was a large worm type that had a sharp beak that attempted to impale us as it fell, the other had incredibly long tentacles that grabbed people and pulled us to the ceiling to devour us. After lots of arrows from Jethrail and some acrobatic feats from Nilbud we wiped them out.
We followed the water out of the passage as the temp increase dramatically. The next room was so filled with steam that they was no way to see anything. We followed the walls around and found two passages. One very hot and one cooler. We took the cooler path and pulled a goonies as we slid down a short natural waterfall slide.
The next room was squarish with carved pillars and beds. It appeared that it had been used recently(ish) and that they people left quickly. There was lots of dwarvish iconography that had been defaced. Dwarves and dragons had been scratched out and replaced with lots of spider and eye imagery. There appeared to be instructional parables for children around the room. All the dwarves in the images were grey colored with black eyes. The story warned “Do not look at the doggies, or you will become stone”
There were three exits from this place. One well constructed and straight ahead. One carved roughly in the corner of the room and the last was hidden behind the waterfall. We chose the waterfall door and after eldorin stopped to dry his hair. We continued up a stairwell that lead to a long arching bridge over hot molten metal (the hot door from the previous room led to a sharp drop and instant death). We crossed the bridge which led to a dark room ringed with treasure chests and skeletal remains reaching toward the chests. There was soot and scorch marks around the entire room as well. As we entered the room these skeletons animated into tentacled boners. It took everything we had, but we defeated them, we left the chests as they were hoping that Razhad could do his thing once he was with us.
We looked into the next room which was a huge dining hall set with food (now spoiled) for many hundreds of people. Plates were scattered and tapestries were torn. It looked untouched for a long time. However, there were braziers burning brightly on the far end of the room.
We were hurting pretty bad and had used many of our resources so we stopped there. Baranel and Nilbud have inspiration
Bill owes Alex $7

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