Brother, Soldier, and Seer

The Story of Carn Orn

During the rest in the Dungeon of Carn Orn, and the walk in the dank, earthy passageway beneath, prior to the fight at the underground river, the party hears recent history from Ranald and Elspeth and begin to piece together what has occurred in Carn Orn:

“Things were normal,” shrugged the elder Orinn, “Argyle was much himself, until right around the time this one showed up.” He nodded towards the female, Elspeth, who had been grinding scales against the floor and now was spitting into the results and forming a paste.

“If you saw as only most are willing to see,” she smiled, smearing the green above her eye, where her eyebrow was noticeable stubble, and below her eye back towards the hair braided tightly above and behind her right ear — the rest she left wild and free, “But Cormac warned you — all of us. And some listened, and some left…thankfully. But I returned, to see if I could continue his work and save more.”

“They should have listened..thank Mediena there were so few left in the Banobre. The Kennedy came to me, and with eyes glazed over with avarice began to whisper of wealth that could be had and would be had very soon. But that we should prepare for great changes, and potentially frightening things. When I asked where this came from, he merely laughed and said, ‘Can only that Aodh have visions?’”

“I don’t think they were Visions,” responded Elspeth.

“No. I’ve heard them since,” Ranald pulled into himself reflectively for a moment, and then pressed onward, “And then the earthquake. All of Banobre lost. Exactly as Cormac had said.” At this, Elspeth smiled, her eyes becoming heavy-lidded as she extended her right arm, palm upward and fingers outstretched in a proffering gesture, “The entire city was stricken with fear…that after the poison, we thought it was a reckoning…our extinction coming for us which we had evaded during the Lost Wars. But Argyle was there, more charismatic than I’ve ever seen him, leading with brightness and excitement and energy and calling for a new time and a new order to things.”

“And then those came.” The sullen Carnsman jabbed at one of the Wyrmkin with a spear.

“And then they came,” repeated Elspeth and Ranald nearly simultaneously, as if a ritualistic chant.

“They came from outside, with Argyle leading them in through the gates. But he had established himself avid cronies by this point — and he was…is the Kennedy.” Ranald shrugged.

“We fell in line.” Duncan nodded.

“And then I was thrown in here.”

“And I.”

“And I.”

“And here we sat, watched over by those things and fearing we would waste away watching our brethren going down with them and coming up with more each time. Where were they coming from? Were they here all along?” Ranald had become agitated, a familiar look creeping into his wide eyes. The Visionary placed a hand gentle on his as they fidgeted, and with a phrase, they stopped:

“We will see.” Elspeth intoned, both as a rite of her following, but also as a simple truth as the party began preparations to delve deeper…Fo Orn.


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