Bestiary - notes

Entry 17

Short of frame — no higher than a Dwarf at best — and covered in green scales like the wyrms themselves, while some hairs protrude between the scales. Their small limbs end in talons though they fight with spear or sword like any of the civilized races. Heads horned and jaws like a lizard. They are not exceedingly hardy, but truly seem to be crafted from the very mold of the wyrms. Indeed, their breath exudes a noxious fume that can be lethal.
NOTE: I have an untested suspicion that perhaps the wyrmlings we have found are merely the spawn of Celadon; thus, their green colour and perhaps the nature of their breath may be linked to him — if so there may be wyrmlings of other colours and hence other abilities….

Similar to the wyrmlings in colour and flesh, but much larger and brawnier. These creatures are at least man-height, and while they do not seem of much greater intellect, they are adept in combat and often lead wyrmlings. Wyrmkin seem to have no “dragon’s breath”, which seems odd. Again, I must wonder if there are wyrmkin of other colours….

These creatures are no larger than the wyrmlings but covered in a tawny fur or hair, with wispy tufted ears. We have not yet great experience with these, but I suspect these may be somewhat defter of the mind. Certainly they are drawn to beasts, and already we have seen them fight alongside wolves. Where the wolves come from that would side with monster against Elendil is a mystery to me.

It also seems that some creature among these Lost Races (for indeed so I suspect them to be) may possess the power to make vermin into a familiar of sorts, witnessing events through the eyes of such a creature, and perhaps even exerting some degree of power of will over the poor things. More information is needed.


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