An Inkling of Dread

Entry 16

12th Day of the Oak, Year of the Crown

NOTE: The human Lykk Darling has thus far eluded my deeper observation as such a fresh recruit. At first he seemed naught but a mindless pawn under the strength of Khalo‘s belief, but he grows daily into a powerful force for good. I cannot help but recall the promise shown by young Nilbud, and the fragility of her psyche — the despair that lurked just beneath. I must take care to show support for young Lykk. Kai’ckul knows he deserves it; for all his troubled missteps, he is a good child with a strong heart. Moreover, if not for him we should never have discovered these imprisoned Dwarfs nor persuaded those above to let us back down here. Indeed, we may not have escaped with our lives. For that matter, we may yet not.

It is now nearly time to put down the pen and pick up the staff. If fortune favors us, we may yet turn this hold around.

But to do so, we must delve deeper and burn out the heart of what infects this place, and if that be not possible, plug it up. But what will we find down here? Plenty of Wyrmkin and Wyrmlings: that much is clear already. But my heart tells me something else lurks here. Exactly what I know not, but it fills me with an inkling of dread that slowly spreads and blots out all before it.


carltylerjakes stinky_ben

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