A Familiar Deceit

Entry 15

11th Day of the Oak, Year of the Crown

I may never know what difference was made by our choice to stay an extra day at Cennetig, but I do know that it felt right. We have allowed our sense of urgency to draw us on from one place to another for the past month, and each time another imminent danger pulls us on, but each time the survivors have been left with not enough. It seems to me the pirates were but one example of this. It is fortunate, at least, that we were able to turn one of that band around to the light of Kai’ckul once more.

How much better to leave a town in the midst of repairs, perhaps looking up with hope for the future! Indeed, amid the realization of my greatest fears, I think that hope is critical. Hope may make all the difference yet.

Alas, what we have found in Carn Orn worries me far more, I fear, than what we found in Cennetig.

We came with truth, with earnest desire to help. We came with news, but were met with deceit. They have seen these creatures and know well their look, but admit to nothing. They wall themselves in with hedge and pretend it has always been so. They build a pile of rubble to create the illusion of repairing a town and flaunt it shamelessly.

What reason could there be for such lies unless these Dwarfs have chosen to abandon their kin — or, worse, to ally with these fiends?

Are the free peoples of Kai’ckul doomed to repeat the mistakes of their forebears? Have we learned nothing?

But I stew in frustration. There must be some way to get through to these folk. Orieth returns…


carltylerjakes stinky_ben

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